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E-SYB M2 USB Charger

-Support 5V2A,5V1A,5V0.5A of power input.
-Capable of charging different sizes of Li-ion batteries simultaneously.
-Three charging modes: Trickle,CC,CV.
-LED indicator displays the battery power for each channel.
-Max charging current is 1A for each channel.
-Recharge function. M2 charger automatically restarts charging when the battery voltage drops below 4.05V
-When battery voltages are different, indicating status of LED lights are different.
-Protection function: It will stop charging automatically when charging completed. Anti-reversing protection, short-circuit protection. Activation function for Li-ion batteries with protection board.
-2 slot charger, 2×1A charger current.
-Compatible with
10440/14500/14650/16340/16650/17650/17670/18350/18490/18500/18650 Li-ion Batteries